Sheena Ram

robotic surgery


Like many of the 600,000 women who have hysterectomy surgery each year in the United States, Sheena Ram was interested in learning all she could about surgical options available to her. As an Oncology Tech at Ocala Regional Medical Center, she's well aware of the latest technology and surgical innovations and realized that robotic surgery might be her best option.

Sheena and her husband -along with their two boys and one daughter -moved to Ocala from New York 15 years ago for the warmer weather. Soon after arriving in Ocala, Sheena began seeing OB/GYN Dr. Poorti Riley.

"I had read a lot about robotic surgery and spoke to Dr. Riley and her staff," she said. "They did a great job educating me about it and all the benefits. So I decided to go ahead and have the surgery done robotically."

Sheena says that all the benefits she had read and heard about were not exaggerated. "I had the surgery and was home the next day, she remembers. "I really had no pain. I mean NO pain. I didn't even need any pain medicine."

Sheena was back to work in four weeks and is still amazed about how easy the surgery was for her. "You can't even see the scar," she said, laughing. "Everybody is different, but for me, this was incredible."

She says she would definitely recommend the surgery to any woman who is considering hysterectomy. "What I would tell any woman, if she is thinking about robotic surgery, do it. Don't wait! It's really not scary at all," she said. "All the benefits are true -less pain, shorter stay in the hospital, shorter recovery time overall and back to work faster. Unbelievable. Ocala Regional Medical Center was wonderful. They did a magnificent job on my surgery."