Lilia Garcia


April 4, 2019 was a normal day for Lilia Garcia. Lilia and her son headed to a local home improvement store to purchase paint because she wanted to paint the inside and outside of her house. Because of the amount of paint needed for the job, they arranged to have the paint delivered the next day by one of the store employees. When the paint delivery arrived the next day, Lilia found that she could not get up from the recliner she was sitting in to answer the door. "I was aware of what was happening but was unable to move or ask for help." Luckily, her son was listed as the contact person for the delivery so when the delivery man called her son and said there was no answer, her son responded with "something must be wrong" and instructed the employee on how to enter the house. The employee was able to enter the house and found Lila laying on the floor, unable to speak. The employee called her son back and was asked to stay with her until EMS arrived. EMS arrived and put Lilia into the ambulance around the same time her son got to her house. Once they got to the hospital Lilia had an MRI and a clot was discovered in her brain. The team at Ocala Regional Medical Center quickly prepared Lilia for surgery and Dr. Nikfarjam performed a mechanical thrombectomy to remove the clot.

Lila says " I am truly grateful God sent these people to intercede in my life." She stayed in the hospital a few days after her procedure and then she was discharged home. "I am fine now" she says. Lilia recently celebrated her birthday and says her kids are so happy to have her back. "Life is good."