Anne Sioch



When Anne recently moved from Arizona to Florida, she prepared for the move by boxing up her treasured items and making sure her forwarding address was complete. Anne was eager to spend more quality time with her family that was already established in Ocala. But what she could have never prepared for was the breast cancer diagnosis that came shortly after her relocation. After noticing a suspicious lump, Anne followed up with her primary care physician who recommended a mammogram at Advanced Imaging Centers that confirmed Anne's concerns. A biopsy was then ordered and resulted in a positive cancer diagnosis on March 12. Over the course a few weeks, Anne's cancer journey began, bringing her to a surgical consultation with Dr. George Rossidis, Ocala Health General Surgeon who performed a lumpectomy on April 10. As the team of provider's worked swiftly and collectively to prepare a comprehensive care plan for Anne, she was also able to meet with her Ocala Health Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, Michelle Sawdon RN, who was there to answer her questions and concerns, help schedule and coordinate her doctor's visits, be there to hold her hand at those pivotal moments and eventually prepare Anne's survivorship care plan.

Though no one can anticipate or plan for a cancer diagnosis, having an expert and cohesive Oncology care team available, prepared and ready to walk alongside you can assist you through a complex and frightening journey. Anne was able to find that team at Ocala Health.

"I highly recommend Dr. Rossidis. I felt very comfortable with him, he explained the procedure from A-Z and I knew what was going to happen." Anne was also impressed with the Ocala Health team and the overall care and concern she received.