• Dean Montgomery


    When Dean Montgomery stepped out of his golf cart to swing his club when playing a round of golf with friends, he had no idea how his life was about to change.

  • Tina Johns



    When Tina Johns visited her primary care provider at Ocala Health Family Care Specialists, it had be several years since she had undergone a mammogram.

  • Rayan Massini


    Rayan Massini awoke in the hospital in a lot of pain. He was confused and didn't know where he was or why he was there. He had no recollection of the severe motorcycle accident that almost took his life nearly one month prior.

  • Lilia Garcia


    Lila says " I am truly grateful God sent these people to intercede in my life."

  • Taralea Johnson


    "this (surgery) is like a walk in the park compared to what I went through before. It is amazing to have such an awesome doctor who knows what he is doing be able to remove a tumor from my spine."

  • Anne Coryat


    Anne went to the emergency room because she thought she had a bad sinus infection. The medical staff ran some tests, and they found she had multiple cerebral aneurysms.

  • Freida Watson

    Until last year, Freida Watson - grandmother to six and great grandmother to five - considered herself in pretty good health for a 77-year-old who had never really had any serious health problems. But last year, doctors began to worry about her climbing blood pressure and growing arrhythmia.

  • Anne Sioch



  • Patricia Cumming



    Patricia says the bariatrics team at Ocala Health is very professional, very caring, and very accepting.

  • Rosemary Pagano



    "If it wasn't for Dr. Main I wouldn't be where I am. He's a really good guy and has such a great bedside manner. He really made me feel good."

  • Kelly Kamanski

    kelly , neurology , stroke


    Kelly says she's decided to live life to the fullest and trust that experts like the stroke team at West Marion Community Hospital is there to take care of her in case there's a next time.

  • Harold Smith



    For the last several years, Harold Smith has had several serious medical conditions, including a heart attack, colon cancer and a fracture in his back, as a result of a fall. Additionally, he noticed that he was becoming increasingly short of breath and was having difficulty walking more than just a short distance. During pre-operative testing for upcoming back surgery, it was found that he had severe aortic stenosis. Aortic stenosis occurs when the aortic valve becomes very calcified and narrowed and severely limits the amount of blood flowing out of the heart. Left untreated, aortic stenosis can be a fatal disease.

  • Rondo Fernandez



    Ocala Health has always been here for Rondo Fernandez. As a lifelong resident of Ocala, he's depended on Ocala Health doctors to keep him healthy.

  • Shirlene Bonsignore



    Shirlene Bonsignore was not really interested in following up with her yearly mammogram. Even though she had a family history of breast cancer, she didn't want to think about the possibility that it could happen to her. "My primary care doctor insisted I do a follow up to my mammogram, and I didn't want to go.

  • Tara Dolittle

    36-year-old Tara Doolittle had always been relatively healthy so when she started feeling sick a few days before Thanksgiving, she thought it was just a typical cold. She ultimately developed a fever and at that time saw her personal physician. She was diagnosed with a sinus infection, prescribed antibiotics and returned home. However, in the days that followed, Tara’s health began to significantly decline.

  • Stuart Colon

    Stuart Colon, 44, has lived quite a life. Born and raised in New York, he joined the military when he was 17 years old. After leaving the service, he worked different jobs before rejoining the military after September 11. He was sent to Iraq where he was injured and medically retired from service. When he got home, he made sure to do everything he could to stay physically fit, but still struggled with quitting cigarette smoking.

  • Sheena Ram

    robotic surgery


    Like many of the 600,000 women who have hysterectomy surgery each year in the United States, Sheena Ram was interested in learning all she could about surgical options available to her.

  • Chris Clevenger



    54-year-old school teacher, Chris Clevenger, was told he was too young to be having the kind of hip problems and pain he was experiencing.

  • Tommy V.



    "I was visiting the springs in Ocala when I was involved in a four car accident on HWY 27 near downtown. I was ejected from the car and landed on the pavement. A nurse from Ocala Regional Medical Center saw the accident, had her daughter call 911 and the nurse performed CPR on me."

  • William DiVitto



    William Divitto had been having hip and back pain for three years, since a back surgery he had failed to fix the problems he was having. But in September 2016, the pain started to become debilitating.

  • Michael Bigwood

    50-year-old Michael Bigwood has been suffering from chest pains since his early teens due to a collapsed lung. He has experienced physical pain throughout most of his life; however, he describes the recent severe arm and back pain as a "different kind of pain."

  • Robert Peary

    "Over the past three years, Robert Peary began to have more pronounced shortness of breath and noticed he was becoming more and more fatigued. He had slowly started developing stenosis of the aorta."

  • Kayla Reidle



    Kayla Reidle was 25 years old and, like many other women, unhappy with her weight. And like many others her age, struggling with obesity came from a very young age.