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Wound and Hyperbaric Center

The Wound and Hyperbaric Center, established in 1995, is an outpatient treatment center specializing in the treatment of nonhealing wounds. Our center has achieved a greater than 90 percent success rate. The Wound and Hyperbaric Center is a comprehensive outpatient program designed to complement physicians' practices. Physicians refer patients to The Wound and Hyperbaric Center for wound management but continue to treat the underlying condition and provide for the patient's overall care. Patients can also contact us directly for an appointment and we will communicate with your Physician about your wound.

When a referral is made, the physician may select wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy or both services, depending on the patient's needs. The referring physician is updated on his or her patient's treatment plan and progress throughout the treatment.

The Wound and Hyperbaric Center provides a diagnostic assessment of the patient along with a carefully designed case management program. All information is communicated to the primary physician who remains an active member of the management team.

Ocala Regional Medical Center's sound treatment and hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility has treated countless nonhealing wounds with unmatched success. For those suffering with a nonhealing wound, often caused by conditions like diabetes or poor circulation, the experts at The Wound and Hyperbaric Center can help. Our team of specialists will design an individualized treatment plan which may include hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other treatments unavailable elsewhere. Some of the benefits of The Wound and Hyperbaric Center include a high level of limb salvage in severe wounds, earlier recovery, less hospitalization, and prevention of prolonged and/or permanent disability.

The Wound and Hyperbaric Center is staffed by physicians with advanced training in wound management, nurses trained in the care of chronic wounds, a certified wound specialist recognized by the Board of the American Academy of Wound Management, and experienced administrative assistants to handle appointments, medical records and health insurance processing.