Khalid Abusaada, MD

Thank you for your interest in our program!

We are a diverse group of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists who are particularly committed to excellence in medical education and clinical research.

We believe that principles of teaching should be applied in a friendly and supportive environment. We strive to provide residents with a wide breadth of inpatient and outpatient experiences that challenge academic curiosity, advance clinical skills, exemplify compassionate care and promote scholarly activities.

Each resident here is paired with a skilled faculty mentor who will be helping guide your academic and research trajectory. Each resident here has ample opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge to the best diagnostic pathway and quality treatment that follows.

We know that during this time in your professional growth, you will need an atmosphere that promotes education over service. Most of all, we are committed to your well-being and academic achievements. We are confident that we can help in your development and take pride in your ultimate success.


Khalid Abusaada, MD

Program Director