Which electronic medical record does the hospital and clinic use?

We use Meditech with Patient Keeper in the hospital setting and eClinical Works in clinic.

What is the clinic layout?

Weekly clinic unless you are on vacation, inpatient, ICU, EM, or night float rotation.

Is research travel compensated?

Yes, with approval from program director.

What resident wellness activities does the program support?

We have a chosen resident that acts as our director of wellness and organizes activities such as bowling, grilling, holiday party, intern retreat, and a senior retreat.

What to expect on interview day?

We have an initial meet and greet with the program coordinator at 9:00am, then a power point presentation about the program at 9:30am, hospital tours happen right after. You get to attend our morning report at 11:20am. Lunch is provided at 12:00pm. We might get to interview you before lunch, but majority of interviews happen in the afternoon. You will have three interviews, usually with program director, assistant program director, core faculty member, and one of the chief residents.

How many residents are we accepting per year?

15 Residents

What is your accreditation status?

We are fully accredited by the ACGME.