Nicholas Dorsey, M

Nicholas Dorsey, MD, serves as the Program Director for UCF's Ocala Regional Family Medicine Residency. After graduating from UCF he attended St. Georges University College of Medicine and later completed his residency at the University of Florida. He continues to serve as a reservist US Navy

Naeem Ahmed, DO, MPH, Associate Program Director

Beulah Carey, LCSW

Michael Usberghi, DO – Family Medicine Inpatient

Casey Turner, DO – Family Medicine Inpatient

Dane Schlinsky, MD – Family Medicine Inpatient

Tabatha Downey – MD – Family Medicine

Mery Lossada, MD – Psychiatry

Mara Pallens , MD – Internal Medicine

Jayanth Koneru, MD – Cardiology

Joseph Iobst, MD – OB/GYN

Philip Johnson, MD – GYN

Christian Oraedu, MBBS – General Surgery

Krishna Swaminathan, MD – General Surgery

James McFadden, MD – Orthopedics

Eduardo Cruz-Colon, MD – Sports Medicine

Richard Petrik, MD – Emergency Medicine

Heidi Handman, DO – Neonatal-Perinatal