Mission Statement

As part of the UCF/HCA GME Consortium and HCA Healthcare we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We are committed to training Emergency Medicine Residents committed to delivering healthcare as it should be: patient-centered and for the good of all people, no matter their circumstance. We are committed to retaining the physicians that we train in order to better serve our community. The strength of our training program is the tremendous depth and breadth of our clinical care. We provide an academically and clinically rigorous training program in Emergency Medicine. Our dedicated faculty supported by the significant resources of the UCF/HCA GME consortium and HCA Healthcare and the provide our trainees with the basic and clinical knowledge, procedural skills, clinical judgment, professionalism, and the interpersonal skills necessary for a successful career and to develop as a leader in Emergency Medicine. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad clinical exposure in acute and chronic care occurring in the inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as extensive experience in appropriate procedures. We are also committed to nurturing a robust interest in scientific investigation and evidence based practice.

Program Aims

  1. Provide a comprehensive curriculum to develop compassionate, highly competent, patient-centric, and ethical Emergency medicine Physicians with expertise in disease prevention, and expertise in the diagnosis and management of patients with various conditions.
  2. Develop the skills necessary to accurately diagnose and treat patients with acute and chronic illness.
  3. Provide residents with the tools to develop relationships and collaborate with colleagues across the professional continuum.
  4. Provide residents with the tools to have a strong impact on public health through community education and to become advocates for disease prevention.
  5. Graduate well-rounded physicians who successfully incorporate scholarly activity into their evidence-based practice.
  6. Establish a strong foundation and promote lifelong collegial mentorship to help develop the future leaders.

Training, Education & Accreditation

The Emergency Medicine Residency at Ocala Regional Medical Center is an ACGME accredited program. We aim to provide the residents with the tools they need to begin the life-long journey of learning in Emergency Medicine. The didactic curriculum follows an 18-month repeating schedule that uses some lecture-driven sessions, while the majority of didactic sessions are small group discussions and interactive learning sessions, including several simulation sessions. The learner will also partake in a clinical environment ripe with opportunity to learn the breadth and depth of Emergency Medicine.