The Day Before

Most often, do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your procedure. This is important for your health and safety. The pre-op nurse will notify you of anything you should take the morning of your procedure.

Bathe or shower the night before or morning of your procedure with an antimicrobial soap(such as Dial). You may be given a special soap to use.

Get a good night's rest.

What to Wear

Wear clothing that is loose fitting and easy to get in and out of, and low heeled shoes.

DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY, MAKEUP, FINGERNAIL OR TOENAIL POLISH. These must be removed prior to your procedure. The hospital will not accept responsibility for jewelry or personal valuable.

If you wear glasses, contact lenses, dentures, or a hearing aid and wish to have them with you during your pre- and post-op procedure periods, that is permissible. Please bring containers for them so they can be stored during your procedure. Make sure you have those items with you when you are discharged.

The Day of the Procedure

Take nothing by mouth including water, coffee, soft drinks, juice, chewing gum, or candy, unless you have given specific permission. To do otherwise may cause delay or cancellation of your procedure.

Take no medications before your procedure unless you have been given instructions to do so. If you have, then take them with the smallest sip of water necessary to ingest them.

If you have not already done so, bring a list of your regular medications including names and strengths.

Bring any doctor's orders, additional forms or x-rays your physician has given you.

Bring a copy of your Advanced Directives(living will, health care surrogate, etc.), if you have such arrangements. If not, information is available at the hospital.


You must arrange to have someone drive you home after your procedure. Patients are not permitted to leave alone after an operation. The nurses can help you estimate your discharge time so you may make the necessary arrangements.


Your spouse, a relative, or friend may accompany you to the Outpatient Lobby. Since your stay will be just a few hours, other guests are discouraged. Waiting area space and guest facilities are limited, so please do not bring additional visitors. No more than two visitors will be allowed in the Outpatient Area.