Chaplain Joseph Paul

Chaplain services are available through our case management department.

To reach our chaplain, Joseph Paul, call (352) 401-8253.

During your stay at Ocala Regional Medical Center or West Marion Community Hospital, you can request to have a visit with our chaplain. Our chaplain is available for your spiritual needs, offering a caring ministry that is supportive and encouraging.

Visits from our chaplain, Joe Paul, are available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm In addition to our chaplain, you may request services from other community clergy or religious leaders by contacting your nurse, case manager, or social worker.

Pastoral care offers spiritual care for patients and their families:

  • Conversation, relationship, fellowship and friendship
  • Counseling to help find peace, wholeness and health by focusing on specific life issues
  • Spiritual encouragement with ministry of presence, prayer and scripture reading
  • Distribution of Bibles and other resources

To request a visit, call (352) 401-1729 or call the operator.