Ocala Health
September 29, 2016

Ocala, FL – Ocala Health announces the launch of its sixth annual “Standing Up to Breast Cancer” campaign in conjunction with Advanced Imaging Centers. The initiative is designed to raise local awareness of breast cancer, a disease responsible for more than 40,000 deaths annually, as well as to promote the importance of early detection.

Ocala Health provides the public a means to participate in spreading the word about breast cancer screenings. The “Standing Up to Breast Cancer” pink lawn flamingos are available for a purchase price of $12. All funds raised from this year’s initiative will be donated to Michelle-O-Gram, a local organization that gives many women the opportunity to have a screening mammogram when they would otherwise not be able to financially afford one.

Local businesses will continue to be involved in raising awareness about breast cancer screening. Beginning next week and all through the month of October, “flocks” of flamingos will be visible on the properties of several Ocala area businesses, big and small. The flocks will move from location to location throughout town, as a reminder to everyone in the community.

“While our goal is to promote early detection through screening mammograms, we’re also able to make a difference in the lives of women in our community through our affiliation with Michelle-O-Gram,” says Hayley Creasey, RN, BAS-HCM, oncology service line director for Ocala Health. “The fact that local businesses are joining on and supporting us in this initiative is significant. The more attention we can bring to the importance of breast cancer screening, the more lives that will be saved.” In support of the campaign, Advanced Imaging Centers is offering digital mammograms at a special rate of $179 for appointments during the month of October.

“Standing Up to Breast Cancer” flamingos are available for $12 purchase at Ocala Regional Medical Center, West Marion Community Hospital, and at both Advanced Imaging Centers locations while supplies last.

People are encouraged to call (352) 867-9606 today to schedule their digital mammogram and to visit any of the locations listed above to purchase one or more pink flamingos to help spread the word about breast cancer screenings.