Ocala Regional Medical Center

Bariatric Center

With over one third of Americans-nearly 97 million adults-being classified as overweight or obese, bariatric surgery may be the answer for which those people have been looking for some time. Because every person is different, the Bariatric Center at Ocala Regional Medical Center offers three types of bariatric surgery-- gastric bypass Roux-en-Y, adjustable Lap-Band and Gastric Sleeve that may either be performed open or laparoscopically. When performed laparoscopically it means smaller incisions and faster recovery times for patients. The minimally invasive procedure lessens the amount of pain and promotes early recovery, with reduction in later complications like hernias and adhesions. The Bariatric Center at Ocala Regional Medical Center has superb outcomes. 

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Cancer Center

Ocala Regional Medical Center has the only approved cancer center in Marion County to meet the needs of the cancer patient.

Our cancer care consists of a combination of therapies ranging from chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Services include both inpatient and outpatient procedures. The combination of therapies offers patients the best possible prognosis. Family centered counseling and patient education are an important part of the care provided at Ocala Regional Medical Center. Support groups and Hospice are available to both patients and families. The goal of cancer care at Ocala Regional Medical Center is to provide our patients and families with the highest quality care in an environment that maintains your physical, mental and spiritual needs. For more information about The Cancer Center at Ocala Regional Medical Center please call (352) 401-1534.

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Cardiac Care

Ocala Regional Medical Center's Heart and Vascular Center offers physician expertise, the latest technology and comprehensive treatment by a knowledgeable staff dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the patient and family. The Heart Care Center features the latest in technology including nuclear and conventional stress testing, echocardiography and a complete vascular lab. Advance cardiac diagnostic procedures are performed in one of two modern Cardiac Catherization Labs, both equipped with the latest in non-surgical techniques for the treatment of heart disease.

Our highly skilled open-heart surgical team performs numerous coronary bypass surgeries and other heart related procedures. Patients are then progressed through our "Take Charge" Cardiac Rehabilitation Program which includes patient education and a progressive fitness training program. For more information on our Cardiac Services please call The Heart Care Center at (352) 401-1045.

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Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at Ocala Regional Medical Center and West Marion Community Hospital are open around the clock, seven days a week, to provide urgent care when time is critical. To assure that patients at immediate risk are treated first, all patients presenting to the Emergency Department receive prompt evaluation by a triage nurse.

At Ocala Health, we are committed to providing the most advanced technological resources combined with a tradition of caring. The ambulance service that serves the community is available to provide emergency transportation to an Ocala Health ER. To ensure that you are transported to the hospital of your choice, tell the ambulance service you prefer to be taken to an Ocala Health facility. We are proud to rank consistently below the national average for wait times in our ERs, without comprimising quality or expertise and we have the shortest wait times in town.

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Joint Care Center

Ocala Health System performs a number of orthopaedic surgical procedures. The staff consists of Orthopaedic surgeons, registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational health therapists and other healthcare workers specially trained in orthopaedic medicine. Additionally, Orthopedic Surgery Seminars are given each Tuesday afternoon at the hospital. These seminars are designed to address the questions a pre-op patient will have regarding their upcoming surgery. They are open to the public at no charge. For more information on these classes or to reserve a space you may call (352) 401-1177. If you would like more information on any of the orthopaedic services at Ocala Health  System you may contact us through this link and leave your address.

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The NeuroScience Center

The NeuroScience Center opened in 2002 to serve those needing neurological care. The focus has expanded to include patients living with Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders that could benefit from Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. The center utilizes the team concept, incorporating therapists, dietitians, neurologists and case managers to diagnose and treat the needs of patients. 

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Rehabilitation Services

Many of us have had a relative or close friend whose life has been affected by heart or lung disease. Each year, heart attacks account for over 350,000 deaths nationwide. That is why Ocala Regional Medical Center's "Take Charge" program is designed to encourage individuals to assume an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The three-phase program provides personalized, one-on-one attention to persons with heart or lung disease and includes health education, exercise therapy and risk factor modification. The staff members are specially trained to put patients at ease in a comfortable relaxed environment. The atmosphere of the program is directed toward patients and their families with very specific and realistic goals. For more information on the "Take Charge" program at Ocala Regional Medical Centerplease call (352) 401-1410.

Women's Center

The Women's Center at Ocala Regional Medical Center is a dedicated unit where women of all ages can come to receive specialized treatment in the areas of women's medical problems, diagnostic services, medical treatment, surgical biopsies and corrective interventions. Patient education is an important aspect of the care provided to patients and families utilizing this service.

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Wound Center

If you have a wound that hasn't started to get significantly better in a month, or healed entirely in two months, you should ask your doctor about the Wound Center.

Every year chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions, keep 3-5 million Americans just like you from doing the things they love to do. Now the Wound Center can help you get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a medical treatment that uses pressurized oxygen to aid in the healing of wounds. The treatment is administered by placing a patient in a comfortable pressure chamber that circulates 100 percent oxygen at two to three times atmospheric pressure.

Hyperbaric therapy increases the amount of oxygen in your blood that is circulated to the tissues. Oxygen-enriched blood can offer distinct benefits and be used to treat a variety of illnesses. The most common benefits of Hyperbaric therapy include:

  • Wound healing
  • Preservation of damaged tissues
  • Infection control
  • Increase blood vessel formation

For more information on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy please contact: The Wound Center at (352) 873-7800 or Toll Free 1-800-800-9317 The Wound Center and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are both a service of Ocala Regional Medical Center and West Marion Community Hospital.

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